Wasp Certification

The Fauna

The variety of species that can be found in Alentejo is due to some unique characteristics that this region can offer. Low population density, extensive crops with little human intervention (such as vineyard, “montado” or cereal steppe), sustainable agricultural practices, as well as rivers, streams and reservoirs, are the hallmarks of Alentejo. The Cayman and the Black Stork, for example, are two of the most beautiful and exotic birds that can be seen in the Alentejo countryside, the former being a resident and the latter being a migrating species.


Another species, the otter, found its perfect habitat in Alentejo. The abundance of unpolluted freshwater systems in this region, can maintain a stable and relatively high population of otter, contrary to what has been observed almost everywhere else in the Europe. Bees, whose role is crucial in the pollination and flora biodiversity maintenance, is also a characteristic species of the Alentejo region. Feeding on the rockrose pollen, seaweed, rosemary, blue weed, or rosemary, this species is responsible for producing the recognized “Mel do Alentejo” (Honey of Alentejo), a product with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).